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2011 Breeders Crown News Archives

BC Horse and Pumpkin
November 4, 2011~Breeders Crown Returns to Canada in 2012
November 1, 2011~Breeders Crown Night~A Look Back
October 29, 2011~2011 Breeders Crown Championships Now History
October 29, 2011~O'Sullivan's Army Poised For Breeders Crown Assault
October 28, 2011~Kandor Hanover May Have Last Laugh in Crown
October 28, 2011~Small Breeder Has Major Influence in Crowns
October 28, 2011~Rapide Lebel & Command Crowe Arrive in Toronoto
October 28, 2011~DePinto Could Double Down in Crown
October 28, 2011~Breeders Crown Handicapping Selections CLICK HERE
October 28, 2011~$6 Million Harness Racing Championships Set for October 29
October 27, 2011~Jones Primed for More "Crown" Magic
October 27, 2011~Fast Food? No, But Big McDeal Is Some Fast Filly
October 26, 2011~Fashion Delight With Race Face On
October 26, 2011~Hauser Sets Modest Goals for American Gangsta
October 26, 2011~DiDomenico hopes “Cookie” is a monster in Crown 
October 24, 2011~Breeders Crown Trot Truly An International Affair
October 22, 2011~Final Breeders Crown Eliminations Contested
October 22, 2011~Betterthancheddar Strikes in Second Colt Pace Elim
October 22, 2011~Rocklamation Shakes Free to win BC Elim
October 22, 2011~Androvette sizzles in Mare Pace
October 22, 2011~Iron Lady wins Second Filly Trot Elim
October 22, 2011~Chapter Seven Wins Breeders Crown Elim
October 22, 2011~From Above Scratched; Delano Draws In
October 22, 2011~Schnittker Still Has Plenty to Laugh About
October 22, 2011~See You At Peelers Is Rested & Ready
October 22, 2011~Breeders Crown Is “Monkey” Time for Umphrey 
October 21, 2011~A Rocknroll Dance Wins 2YO Colt Pace Elim
October 21, 2011~Sweet Lou Triumphs in Second Freshman Colt Pace Elim
October 21, 2011~Uncle Peter Wins 2YO Colt Trot Elim
October 21, 2011~Possess The Will wins Freshman Colt Trotters Elim
October 21, 2011~Check Me Out trounces Sole Filly Crown Elim Field
October 21, 2011~Freshman Breeders Crown elims in the books
October 20, 2011~"Shyster" Takes Jump Up to Breeders Crown
October 20, 2011~Wide-Open Soph Colt Breeders Crown Pace
October 19, 2011~Marvin Katz Has Experience Buying & Breeding The Best
October 18, 2011~Breeders Crown Draws 162 in Woodbine Championships
October 18, 2011~San Pail Preps For First Breeders Crown Test
October 17, 2011~Three Supplement to Breeders Crown
October 16, 2011~Freshmen Tackle Simpsons at Vernon
October 14, 2011~Breeders Crown Supplements, Entries Due Soon
October 9, 2011~Kentucky Conclusion
October 8, 2011~Fiery Red Miles At Lexington
October 7, 2011~‘International’ Action For Kentucky
October 2, 2011~Stakes-Filled Sunday At The Red Mile
October 1, 2011~Grand Circuit Ensues at Lexington
September 30, 2011~Bluegrass Gold at The Red Mile
September  25, 2011~Laughandbehappy leads Weekend Eligible Parade
September 23, 2011~America’s Pace featured winning hopefuls in Ohio
September 20, 2011~Sophomore Filly Pacing Division Opens Up
September 17, 2011~Breeders Crown Eligibles featured in Stakes Action
September 16, 2011~Commander Crowe Joins Breeders Crown Fray
September 14, 2011~Jezzy Jogs to Easy Win
September 13, 2011~Rapide Lebel Will Start in Breeders Crown Trot
September 12, 2011~Older Pacers & Young Trotters Vie
September 11, 2011~'Crown' Contenders Conflict in Canada
September 10, 2011~Freshmen Pacers Featured at Freehold
September 9, 2011~School in Session for Kindergarden Trotters
September 8, 2011~Jezzy & Peelers Take Losses in Stride

September 4, 2011~Breeders Crown Eligibles Score Big


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