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2010 Breeders Crown Countdown Archives

October 8, 2010~Take My Picture a Turnpike Treat 
October 8, 2010~Exotics of the ‘Crown’
October 8, 2010~Live USA Breeders Crown Coverage For Australia
October 7, 2010~Art N Charm A Beer-Drinking Breeders Crown Contestant
October 6, 2010~Ultimate Cameron Needs Ultimate Effort for $500,000 Crown
October 6, 2010~Dreamfair Eternal Gets Best of BC $300,000 Mare Pace Draw
October 5, 2010~Autumn Escapade Provides Different Kind of Thrill for Miller
October 5, 2010~Breeders Crown Mare Pace and 3-Year-Old Filly Trot & Pace Draws
October 5, 2010~Broad Bahn & Big Bad John out of Breeders Crown
October 5, 2010~Breeders Crown 3-Year-Old Colt Trot & Pace Draws
October 5, 2010~Myluvmylife: A Sentimental Crown Favorite
October 4, 2010~The Pendulum Swings For Pilgrim's Taj
October 3, 2010~$600,000 Breeders Crown Colt Pace May Be Best Race of the Night
October 3, 2010~Dejarmbro, Broad Bahn To Square Off in $600,000 Freshman Trot
October 3, 2010~$600,000 Breeders Crown Freshman Pacing Fillies Pick Posts
October 3, 2010~ Post Positions Drawn for Breeders Crown Trotters
October 3, 2010~Breeders Crown Battle Lines Drawn in $500,000 Pace
October 3, 2010~Sweet Love Takes Rail In $600,000 Freshman Filly Trot
October 2, 2010~Second Night of Breeders Crown Elims Contested
October 1, 2010~First Night of Breeders Crown Eliminations Contested
October 1, 2010~New York Champ Ready To Take On The Best
September 28, 2010~Breeders Crown Draws 169 Entries
September 27, 2010~No Supplemental Entries for Breeders Crown Races
September 26, 2010~Some Eligibles Maintaini Hope
September 25, 2010~Preps at Pocono, Meadows, Highlight Eligibles
September 25, 2010~Breeders Crown Supplement & Entries Looming
September 24, 2010~The ‘Rock’ Takes ‘Jug’ in Record Heats
September 23, 2010~Jugette, Buckette Thrust Filly Eligibles to Top
September 22, 2010~The West is Best with Crown Approaching
September 22, 2010~Strike An Attitude Sizzles Speed Mark
September 21, 2010~Keystone Kids; Foiled Again & Again
September 21, 2010~“Buck I” Poised for Back-to-Back Crowns
September 19, 2010~Saturday’s Cavalcade of Eligibles
September 18, 2010~Will Princess Wear The Crown?
September 18, 2010~Meadows, Mohawk & Vernon Host Crown Eligibles
September 17, 2010~No Security at The Top
September 17, 2010~Glide’ to Victory; Two Winners in NYSS
September 16, 2010~Sophomore Filly Trotter Eligibles Sweep ‘Keystones’
September 14, 2010~Chuckie’ Wins; Set for ‘Crown’ Elim
September 13, 2010~Speedy Elders; ‘Show’ Time for Fillies
September 12, 2010~‘Bank’ Night with a ‘Kyle’ Mile
September 11, 2010~Trotters at Vernon & Yonkers; Two for Takter; Broad Bahn Fires
September 10, 2010~Freshman Colt Trotter Hopefuls at Yonkers
September 6, 2010~Cane Pace Highlights Eligibles' Events
September 5, 2010~Copious Cast of ‘Crown’ Characters on Stage
September 2, 2010~Action Ensues for Freshman Eligibles
August 30, 2010~Zweig Splits for Sophomore Trotting Division
August 28, 2010~Bevy of Battlegrounds for "Crowns"
August 27, 2010~Colt Eligibles Score
August 26, 2010~Costa Rica & China Girl Shine
August 25, 2010~Fillies in State-bred Action: 40 Days to Elims
August 22, 2010~Glamour & Glory~42 days to Elims
August. 22, 2010~Freshman Pacers Get Busy: Only 43 days to Elims
August, 20, 2010~Only 44 days to October 1, Breeders Crown Elims
August 10, 2010~Breeders Crown Post Time Set


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