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1935 Hambletonian



Greyhound: The Trotting King Most spectacular of Hambletonian winners and the greatest to ever capture the victor’s laurels at Goshen was the majestic grey gelding, Greyhound. Greyhound was the idol of the harness racing crowds during his star-studded campaigns through the Grand Circuit. As Greyhound grew older, his coat became almost pure white, giving further strength to his apt nickname "The Grey Ghost." To list his world records and phenomenal performances would take pages. Bred at Almahurst Farm by Henry Knight, Greyhound was Sep Palin's masterpiece. The tall Hoosier horseman and the leggy, gangling youngster developed into a virtually unbeatable team. The Hambletonian represented his richest triumph. Both miles Palin rated the favorite far back until the five-eighths, then set sail with those tremendous, space-devouring strides to swirl past the field. The first mile in 2:02¼, last half timed better than :59 set a new record for the race, the 2:02¾ second heat making it the fastest race to date. Greyhound was in the headlines steadily from that time on. To many, the most unforgettable feat of Greyhound’s were the team miles he trotted with Rosalind 1:56¾, the World Champion trotting mare and winner of the 1936 Hambletonian. Both victors in America’s most coveted harness classic, the fastest and second fastest trotter in the world combined to trot a marvelous mile in 1:58¼, a mark that many thought would never be surpassed. Greyhound spent his retirement years at the farm of his owner, E.J. Baker in St. Charles, Il.

One of the greatest horses of all time was also the first gelding winner. The only gray to ever win the Hambletonian. A $900 yearling purchase at the Indianapolis Speed Sale; about $11,382 in 1999 dollars. The sale average was only $410. As an older horse Greyhound set a world record for a trotter of 1:55 1/4 that stood for 32 years (1938 to 1969). At one time he held a total of 14 world records including: "under-saddle" (2:01 3/4) and was paired "team-to-pole" with the 1936 Hambletonian winner Rosalind (1:58 1/4). Indicative of the trotting economy of the time, Greyhound earned $38,952 in seven years of racing (1934-1940), earning almost half ($18,804) in the Hambletonian.
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